Published On: Fri, Jan 27th, 2017

Trump says this is GOP’s ‘chance to achieve great and lasting change’ ‘busiest Congress’ in decades, or ever

President Donald Trump, while addressing congressional Republicans at their retreat in Philadelphia, said Friday that this Congress will be “the busiest Congress we’ve had in decades, maybe ever.”

“This is our chance to achieve great and lasting change for our beloved nation,” the President said.

“Think of everything we can achieve and remember who we must achieve it for,” he said. “We’re here now because tens of millions of Americans have placed their hopes in us to transfer power from Washington, D.C., and give it back to the people, so important. Now we have to deliver.”

President Trump speaking in Philadelphia this morning photo/ screenshot

“We are here for the people. … I am honored to be your partner in this amazing quest. I am privileged to stand shoulder-to-shoulder as we work every day to make America great again,” Trump said.

 The President turned to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan: “We’re actually gonna sign the stuff you’re writing. You’re not wasting your time,” praising the rep from Wisconsin as “very, very special.”

He offered kinds words for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., a “great guy.”

Trump spoke for 30 minutes, boasting about his surprise November win in Democrat-leaning Pennsylvania, calling it the “bride that got away” for GOP presidential candidates for nearly three decades; easing the regulatory burden of Obamacare, cracking down on illegal immigration, and getting the United States out of the international trade deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

He pushed to withhold federal funds from “sanctuary cities” in the U.S. that protect illegal immigrants from deportation, stating that “The hour of justice for the American worker has arrived.”

President Trump has been a shock to the political system, moving quickly on executive orders, attacking media, making bold or outlandish statements without pause and pressing for action, NOT excuses.

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