Published On: Tue, Dec 20th, 2016

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: ‘Snowden’ should start a conversation

While Oliver Stone’s Snowden biopic may not have reached the masses as much as he would have liked, star Joseph Gordon-Levitt told The Hollywood Reporter that he’s hopeful the film will start some conversations.

“Once I did some learning of my own, I realized I’m really grateful for what this man did, and I consider it an honor to try to help tell his story,” Gordon-Levitt told The Hollywood Reporter during the Actor Oscar Roundtable of his portrayal of Edward Snowden.

The Snowden drama centers on the whistleblower’s story previously was highlighted in Laura Poitras’ Oscar-winning documentary Citizenfour.

“There’s so much confusion about what he did. There’s a lot of misinformation about what he did and didn’t do,” said Gordon-Levitt.

Gordon-Levitt admits he got a lot of criticism for playing Snowden, but, he said, “to me, that’s sort of a sign that it’s working.”

“That’s how a democracy best works,” the Looper star said, “is when people are having conversations and disagreeing. Disagreement’s not bad. Controversy’s not bad. That’s how you’re going to work things out and make progress.”

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