Hillary Clinton’s cabinet plan reveals her racism with EPA pick: ‘likely an African-American’

The Democratic presidential loser Hillary Clinton published a long list of potential cabinet picks as President-elect Donald Trump’s ACTUAL picks are set to take their roles in the government with Sen. Jeff Sessions’ Senate confirmation already underway. Among the Clinton picks is a very insensitive and racist pick for the EPA:

“Likely an African-American (and/or at Education)”

Yep, that’s it. Just race is the big qualifier to run the EPA.

The Clinton campaign attacked the Sanders campaign, attempting to point out how diverse her cabinet would be: “Bernie is clearly committed to the equality and rights of all people – and yet only Hillary’s campaign reflects one run by all sorts of people. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate in the 2016 election – on either side, mind you – who is running a truly diverse and inclusive campaign. That matters. That matters because the structure of a candidate’s campaign is the only sneak-peek we have into what a candidate’s executive branch may look like. That matters because putting hiring practices into place that actually shoot to solve some of the long-standing representational issues in politics is a sneak-peek into how effective someone might be at doing so nationwide.”

All of her staff tainted by the DNC hacks, the bias against Bernie Sanders and corruption of the election were set to land roles in the Clinton administration. As Heat Street writes:

Hillary’s top aides were, predictably, expected to remain in prominent roles if she was elected. Huma Abedin is listed as a deputy chief of staff, while longtime aide Jake Sullivan was in line to become national security adviser. Campaign manager Robby Mook would become a “senior adviser.” Communications aide Jennifer Palmieri would be tapped for “Whatever She Wants.”

It’s good to see diversity defined as “Likely an African-American,” especially with the attacks on Sessions.

Jennifer Palmieri was revealed in the anti-Sanders emails during the Democratic Primary. Huma was linked to the Clinton email scandal when files on her husband’s computer (Anthony Weiner) were under the name “Life Insurance” implying dirt on the Clintons.

Of course, John Podesta, whose email password was “PASSWORD” and allowed a Russian hacker into his computer, was listed as a possible candidate for Secretary of State.

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