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White House Flickr Page


 Wikimedia Commons



Photos by Martin Hesketh: http://www.flickr.com/photos/martinhesketh/sets/

Credit: photo/Martin Hesketh



Femke Jenkins Photography (Facebook page here, Flickr page here).


This is a Flickr link to public domain photos – MUST still give attribution and please verify each photo’s requirements for use HAS NOT changed. Click the link below, add a keyword and those photos should be available for use



Gage Skidmore – public domain

Skidmore is a very prolific photographer and these photos are (OR SHOULD BE) released to public domain, please verify



National Guard VIDEOS – (Natural Disaster footage) YOUTUBE PAGE HERE



U.S. Government Photos and Images

Find photos and images by topic.

Some of these photos and images are in the public domain and may be used and reproduced without permission or fee. However, some photos and images may be protected by license. You should read the disclaimers on each site before use.


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